2/10/20 I am currently on assignment in northern AZ, USA, until around mid-April. From there, I’ll be heading up to Sacramento, CA, (for the birth of my grandson!) for 3-6 weeks. If you’re in the Sacramento area, I’d love to have a house/pet sit job of any length while there. After the birth, I’ll be open for any and all great gigs of 4 weeks or more, with preference given to the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, and northern CA — north of SF Bay). Will travel for longer assignments anywhere in the U.S. and any safe foreign or exotic locale. Mexico, Central or South America, Thailand, and Europe are first picks for overseas jobs 3 months or more (6+ months preferred).

Oh, the interesting things you see when you travel! This fence was the back yard of a beach house in northern CA. 🙂